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Linen Garments

Clothes tell a lot about a person; they reveal one's personality, values, habits and lifestyle. Wearing linen garments shows one's admiration of naturalness, simplicity and healthier way of living. At the same time, it makes a person stand out in the crowd.

We make linen garments for women, men and kids as well as bath & sauna clothes and christening clothes. Our newest addition is baby covers and sleeping bags.

Linen is one of the best materials to be clad in on a hot summer day - it lets your skin breathe and absorbs moisture, allowing you to enjoy your summer fun without overheating or feeling sticky. All of our summer garments for women and men (dresses, blouses, shirts, trousers, skirts and more) are exactly like that - light, soft and breathable.

If you think that linen is only for summer, think again. Warmer linen over-garments like jackets, jumpers and tunics can be worn in any season.

Combining the technology and creative designers work, we are able to obtain even denim-like appearance and many other effects. All garments are specially washed, so our customers could get softest, coziest and highest quality products that do not shrink after they are washed at home.

Grey linen coat with roomy pocketsWarm linen coat with roomy pocketsGrey linen coat. Back viewGrey and white linen jacketWhite and grey linen jacketGrey and white linen jacket with dark grey linen trousersGrey linen coat with a beltGrey linen dress with pockets and a cowl neckGrey linen coat with a belt. Back view